Here at Angelxxshop, we create expressive and unique jewelry and make it accessible to you, because everybody should be able the express themselves in a way that suits them.
Items are made from different materials, which are specified in the descriptions.

We offer 100% stainless steel pieces, which are safe to wear anytime and won't stain or lose their shine- guaranteed! All core materials (chains, earring hoops) are made from stainless steel.

Then, there are pieces which feature charms with plated metal. They have proved to be very long-lasting, and are classified as water-resistant. However, they can potentially lose some of their shine after a prolonged wearing period with a lot of exposure to sweat.

Lastly, there are "Tibetan Silver" charms. Those are best kept away from water and sweat, since they can lose their shine and have a more dull, dark look than before.

Angelxxshop was created in 2021 by 17-year old Hanna, inspired by a passion for creative jewelry and a desire share these pieces with the world.

  • Raubling, Deutschland
  • HeidenauerStr.7 83064 Raubling